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Bipolar Disorder in Houston, TX

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What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Formerly referred to as manic depression, bipolar disorder is a life-long mental health condition involving severe mood swings that deeply affect how a person thinks and acts. There are a few types of bipolar disorder, including bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder, and cyclothymic disorder. Each includes hypomania and/or depression symptoms, depending on the type. Bipolar disorder can affect any age group, but it is often diagnosed in young adults. If you are struggling with bipolar disorder, our team at TMS Therapy Center in Houston, TX invites you to reach out to set up a consultation for Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). With Deep TMS, we can help you manage your bipolar disorder so it doesn't overwhelm you anymore.

What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

Currently, it is not known what exactly causes bipolar disorder. There are some factors that may play a part in leading to this mood disorder, like changes in brain structures, genetics, and stress. There are a variety of symptoms that can appear with bipolar disorder, depending on if you're experiencing a manic or depressive episode.

The symptoms of mania include:

  • Feeling unusually cheerful or excitable
  • Exaggerated self-confidence or importance
  • Racing thoughts
  • Engaging in reckless behavior
  • Feeling restless and unable to sleep as much

The symptoms of a depressive episode are:

  • Feeling sad and hopeless
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Having difficulty focusing on tasks
  • Decreased motivation to do anything
  • Sleeping excessively

How Is Bipolar Disorder Treated?

Our Houston, TX practice employs Deep TMS therapy as a noninvasive way to treat bipolar disorder. Deep TMS works by stimulating the areas of the brain linked to bipolar disorder to reduce the symptoms. This outpatient treatment does not require the use of any anesthesia and is not known to cause any major side effects, making it an ideal solution for individuals who may have trouble with the side effects of psychiatric medications. Research studies by BrainsWay have found that Deep TMS can be used safely and effectively as an alternative treatment to medication or in conjunction with it.

Regulate Your Mood

If you notice constant shifts in your mood, behavior, or thoughts, you could have bipolar disorder. we diagnose and treat mental health issues, like bipolar disorder, in Houston, TX. With Deep TMS therapy, she can decrease the severity of your symptoms to help improve your quality of life. Set up a consultation at TMS Therapy Center to get the treatment you need.

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How do I know if I need treatment for my bipolar symptoms?

If your bipolar symptoms significantly impact your daily functioning, relationships, or overall quality of life, it is advisable to seek professional evaluation. A mental health professional can assess the severity of your symptoms and recommend appropriate treatment options, including Deep TMS therapy.

How soon will I notice an improvement in my bipolar symptoms after Deep TMS?

The timeline for improvement varies among individuals. Some may experience changes in mood and symptoms after a few sessions, while others may take longer. Regular communication with your healthcare provider will help track progress and adjust the treatment plan as needed.

Can I still take bipolar medication if I get Deep TMS therapy?

In many cases, Deep TMS therapy can be used in conjunction with bipolar medications. It's important to discuss your current medications with your healthcare provider, who can determine the best approach for combining Deep TMS with your existing treatment plan. Adjustments may be made to optimize overall therapeutic benefits.

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